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If They Tell You this, That’s Your Call To Action

They tell me it’s impossible

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July 15, 2022

If They Tell You this, That’s Your Call To Action

They’ve been telling me “it’s impossible“ all my life.

  • It’s impossible to raise a good family.

  • It’s impossible to have a good marriage.

  • It’s impossible to launch a business after 40 while raising 4 children.

  • It’s impossible to immigrate back to your own country and start from scratch.

  • It’s impossible to start a ministry and work with your wife. No one does that.

  • It’s impossible to lose weight and get back into shape. You know, at your age.

  • It’s impossible to re-invent your career.

And it’s surely impossible to believe in God, because that’s not only impossible, it’s just plain stupid.

Oh, and it’s absolutely impossible to live an integrated life and do them all at the same time.

Stupid. Impossible. The list goes on, and on. The list of reasons I shouldn’t do what I do. The list of blockers, impediments, logical reasons why I should not. Why I cannot. And why I must not.

Does that sound familiar to you?

What if, all those „logical” reasons why you should give up and do what the rest of the world does, are precisely the reasons why you shouldn’t?

What if you’re called to do the impossible?

I’m convinced that we’re all called to do the impossible.

Because you see, if we all at least tried giving it a shot, some would succeed and they would urge the rest of us to go on because hey, they’d show the entire world, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it is possible.

I wake up early.

I get ready to tackle Today with one thought.

Today I’m called to do the impossible.

I’m called to pave the way. To make the impossible possible. So that one day, what I do, will be doable for others. And that day will be a better day for humanity.

We’re all called to do the impossible. Against all odds. You, me, us. We all have a responsibility to do the impossible.

Let’s just do it. Let’s wake up early and get out and do what we’re called to do.

Let’s pave the way.

Start Today.


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